Chris Hemsworth shows off his biceps in new training pic, looks INSANE as he possibly trains for the production of Thor: Love and Thunder

Chris Hemsworth recently blessed the eyes of his followers with a crazy new training photo, perhaps giving a glimpse of what his character will look like in Thor: Love and Thunder though Thor’s latest film, Ragnarok , released in 2017, Hemsworth has appeared in numerous Marvel films since, including Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. Directed by Taika Waititi, Thor: Love and Thunder will feature the return of other Avengers characters and is slated to hit theaters in 2022. Meanwhile, Hemsworth has taken care of his roles in the original Netflix and Men In Black ripping. : International

Like most other Marvel movies, details on Thor: Love and Thunder are being kept strictly a secret, but Hemsworth and other cast members have dropped a few clues as to what to expect in the new movie. When fans last saw Hemsworth in Avengers: Endgame, he took on the character of Fat Thor, a version of the mighty God of Thunder who turned to beer and Fortnite after failing to save the universe and lost his family, Asgard, and everything he loved Thankfully, by the end of the movie, Thor is in a better place mentally, but fans wondered if the adorable Fat Thor was here to stay for the sake of it. future of the MCU

Recently, Hemsworth posted a new workout photo on his Instagram, suggesting that Fat Thor is no longer The image saw Hemsworth pushing a heavy “extra large donut” as he flexed his insanely large biceps and unreal Although Hemsworth has not confirmed that the photo was taken during his training for Thor: Love and Thunder, based on the rumored filming times and words of his cast members, it is extremely likely that Hemsworth puffs up for new Thor movie Be ready to lay your eyes on the pic below:

Aside from his charisma and skills as an actor, Hemsworth has always been known for his fitness abilities and beast mode muscles, but it’s still quite shocking to get a glimpse into the workout routine of God of thunder Surprised fans and co-stars have left comments on the post, with Chris Pratt referring to his return as Star-Lord in Love and Thunder as he asks Hemsworth to take 25 pounds so that Pratt is better off. side of his comrade Chris on the screen

Fat Thor was one of the most unexpected parts of Avengers: Endgame, and presented a different side to the character while exploring how failure and depression affect even the strongest of gods. If Hemsworth’s photo was really taken during his training for Thor: Love and Thunder, some fans might be a bit disappointed to see Fat Thor go so soon.Nevertheless, no matter how muscular Hemsworth is, audiences can hope to see many more dramatic changes in Thor’s character and a deeper exploration of his psyche in Thor: Love and Thunder

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