XRP, the fourth largest crypto with a market cap of $ 16.68 billion, today sits at $ 0 4, its highest price since last July It started at $ 0 286 a year ago day, a jump of 30%

XRP price rise is part of market rally this week Over the past 24 hours Bitcoin price has risen 119% and Ethereum 074% Bitcoin price is $ 18,504 and Bitcoin price is $ 18,504. ‘Ethereum from 509 USD

Last week, BTC, XRP and ETH exploded Bitcoin price jumped more than 15%, from $ 15,865, and Ethereum price registered an increase of 11%, against $ 457 Weekly increase in XRP is 48%

XRP is a cryptocurrency favored by payment institutions, who use it for real-time settlements and money transfer between banks at low cost

It’s developed by Ripple, a San Francisco-based nonprofit… but not too long ago; regulatory crackdowns make it difficult for Ripple to operate in the US

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World News – AU – XRP climbs 30% to $ 0 4, highest price since last July – Decrypt

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