Janice Golding
Videojournalist, CTV News Toronto


The range outside the Walmart at Jane Street and St. Clair Avenue stretched the length of a block on Saturday morning, as people began to stock up ahead of Monday’s lockdown

“I’m going to buy for a month, at least for a month, of course,” a client told CTV News Toronto

Another woman, who initially went to the store just to take medicine, said she decided to do a lot more shopping than she initially planned, to avoid future queues

At Costco, Wilson Avenue and Dufferin Street, customers lined up around the building

“It’s not the greatest feeling of standing in line, especially when it’s colder outside, but what can you do? You have to buy things, ”said Nir, a Toronto area resident.

Customer Roberta said she was happy to be able to shop at Costco, which will remain open during the lockdown, but failed to understand the need to shut down small businesses

“My husband is a small, small retailer, and having one or two people in his store doesn’t hurt anyone like that. Here people stand on top of each other “

At the Red Carpet Hair Salon on Avenue Road in North York, news of another closure has many on the lookout Mamak Tabatabei said she has owned the salon for 12 years and is very worried about the future

“It’s just before Christmas; they shut us down again They say 28 days Last time they said two weeks and then four months I don’t know, it’s really frustrating “

Her daughter, Sarina Seyed, says they are currently trying to onboard as many clients as possible this weekend

“We’re here at 8 a.m. this morning, and we’re not going to close until at least 10 a.m.”

Natalie, who was doing her color on Saturday afternoon, says she made an appointment yesterday as the lockdown announcement was underway

“I needed to get it before the next four weeks of lockdown and try to support the business and help my hair out”

A few blocks away in “Toytown,” a neighborhood institution since 1952, many customers lined up hoping to do their Christmas gift shopping before the lockdown began.

“With closing scheduled for Monday and with our Hanukkah vacation in early December, I was thinking of picking up something for my grandchildren,” said Karen, an eight-year-old grandmother.

“Today has truly been the busiest day of the year for us, in stores and online”

“Everything is open All the grocery stores are open, so why do we have to buy more? It’s too complicated to put everything away, ”said a woman

“I would rather go to a store where I pay two dollars more, but it is not crowded and look for it from there My safety is paramount,” said a man from the driver’s seat of his van.

Still, many are buying in panic, despite the Prime Minister saying it repeatedly – stores will have enough supplies to avoid shortages

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World news – CA – “I’ll buy for a month”: Panic over buying strikes again as Toronto, Peel Region, is locked up

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