It’s a tough life, roaming the outer edge Planets that aren’t swarmed with scum and wickedness still seem poised to fall prey to Imperial dead ends bent on making a comeback What if your ship breaks down en route from one treacherous world to another, well, no luck, especially if you don’t have a little adorable companion to send into dangerous looking crawl spaces to play with live cables

Listen, we all know the Mandalorian is a hero Season 1’s arc saw him learn to stop worrying about being the galaxy’s most accomplished bounty hunter and start to care for the greater good of the universe in general and the child in particular But that doesn’t mean he’s a great daddy. Mando’s tendency to endanger the child has been emphasized time and time again, but he really outdoes himself in the opening of “Chapter 12: The Siege,” fourth season two episode, trying to turn the kid into an electrical engineer and talking to him through a repair Kid’s understanding of language still seems rudimentary at best He can’t tell a red thread from a blue one , nor separate the two A slight shock later, Mando gives up It’s time to recruit professionals

This means finding a friendly port in the form of Nevarro, which is home to Greef Karga (Carl Weathers) and now Cara Dune (Gina Carano), who remained to clean up the planet after the events of the first season. In fact, she’s the Marshal now, and in the opening scene a group of Aqualish thieves come out (see endnotes for more) about to behead and eat an adorable ferret-like creature that won’t hold up. But even though Cara Dune is a killer in cold blood, she still finds it in her heart to make sure their potential dinner is correct

She also seems genuinely happy to see Mando and the kid greet the razor crest as he lands alongside the goatee Greef Karga This sporty new facial hair isn’t the only sign that things have changed on Nevarro Greef Karga and Cara Dune are cleaning up the city (the whole planet, really) Main Street is now a bustling market And that dark old canteen where Greef Karga did bounty hunter business? It’s now a cute little one-room schoolhouse chaired by a protocol droid

But that’s not all peace and quiet in Nevarro, and Greef Karga has business to discuss This is first to hide the child in the classroom, despite Mando’s objections “Where are we going” , Greef Karga told him, “you don’t want to bring a child” It’s about time someone said that. He’s not kidding either Although most of Nevarro has been settled there is still an Imperial base not utterly abandoned that needs to be cleaned up As the child learns the trade routes and the expansion border, the others make plans (Meanwhile, the Child, again starving, uses his powers to steal a snack of his classmates This is another example of the kid who is a cute little guy with an underdeveloped sense of morality But who could be mad at that face?)

Making plans involves reuniting with Mythrol (Horatio Sanz), the greedy and cowardly accountant we met as Mando greeted him after freezing him in carbonate in the show’s first episode (“I still can’t see with my left eye,” he notes Although cowardly, Mythrol also has a land speeder, which Karga, Dune and Mando will need if they are to kick the Imperial troops and do melt the base before the black traders can get their hands on its guns It’s time to raid!

A beautifully staged sequence reminiscent of the Death Star section of A New Hope follows as the three heroes (and a reluctant Mythrol) enter the base, taking out more stormtroopers than they then expected. that they were sabotaging the reactor, And then trying to get out before it all happens. But they make a disturbing discovery in the process: it’s not just a military base; it is a laboratory Moreover, the naughty Dr Pershing used the child’s blood in his experiments Although he has had no luck so far, he seems to be trying to transfuse it into subjects in a attempt to use its high midi chloride count to create – something We don’t know what yet, but it’s probably something bad

An exciting speeder-bike chase follows, in which most of the good guys flee via a freshly purchased Trexler Marauder, with Mando getting ahead with the intention of turning around and helping his friends. done, returning with the newly repaired Razor Crest just in time The Imperial forces flee, the day is saved and Mando and the child resume their quest for the Jedi The End Except not quite: not only is Moff Gideon still alive – we are knew this, but not Mando so far – one of Nevarro’s mechanics placed a tracking device on the Razor Crest, allowing Gideon to track their movements

This will certainly cause problems down the line, but for now Mando and the kid are free to resume their journey.Meanwhile, one of the X-wing pilots who clashed (then rescued) The Razor Crest visits Karga and Dune Karga is playing cool, and although the pilot sees through his story, he doesn’t push too hard.Instead, he takes a moment to give Cara Dune the hard sell to join the New Republic in its struggle against a possibly resurgent Empire, even using her status as a survivor of Alderaan to make her feel guilty Bad luck at the moment, but her final moments suggest she won’t be able to resist the pull forever

• The concern with a Star Wars TV series has always been this: Can a TV series match the movies in terms of effects and action sequences? “The Siege” confirms again that, yes, it can by stringing together one cool set after another The speeder bike / TIE Fighter scene could stand proudly next to their big screen counterparts

• This week’s director is none other than Carl Weathers, who does a good job although better known as an actor (and, thanks to Arrested Development, as a penny acting coach) , his directorial career dates back to the 90s and includes several episodes of the late-night trash classic Silk Stalkings

• Uproxx’s Mike Ryan recently wrote about the many ways The Mandalorian has drawn on former Star Wars fringe characters, particularly those who were turned into Kenner figures or created by Kenner This Week was no exception, thanks to the appearance of a few Aqualish, creatures of the same race as Ponda Baba (unkune Walrus Man), who showed up just long enough to threaten Luke Skywalker and die, in A New Hope Beyond. nostalgia, their appearance provides another example of the resistance of these original designs

• Speaking of tributes to the first movie, that was quite the “underside of a Star Destroyer”, right? The events of Return of the Jedi still left a lot of material in the hands of the defeated Empire

• Another nod to the old ways: When a stormtrooper falls from a high place, he delivers a modified version of Wilhelm’s scream, a favorite sound effect / prank from productions by Lucasfilm and others

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• “They should leave the Outer Rim alone If the Empire couldn’t fix it, what makes them think they can?” Greef Karga loves law and order, but he’s not so useful to the government He’s the Ron Swanson of the Outer Rim

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