England’s lockdown will be replaced with a more severe three-tier system on December 3, with more zones expected to be placed in higher tiers

Boris Johnson will announce the restrictive measures on Monday, November 23, and later this month the government will confirm the levels that will apply to each area of ​​the country

However, ministers agreed to a UK-wide plan to allow up to four households to mingle for Christmas between Christmas Eve and December 28

The three alert levels are medium, high and very high This is what level 3 looked like before the second lockdown

The government has defined a basis of measures for any zone within this local alert level Consultation with local authorities has determined additional measures

Level 1 lockout rules explained: what you can and cannot do in “medium” risk alert zones

No Hairdressers and beauty salons are not automatically closed in level 3 zones, although other businesses have been asked to close

Hairdressers and beauty salons are considered a lower risk than pubs and bars – which at level 3 must close – because there are fewer households mixing together

The opening of gymnasiums in level 3 areas is subject to negotiations between the relevant local authorities and the government This so that decisions are “based on local evidence”, the health ministry said. p>

Gyms are one of the businesses rules can be negotiated over – meaning gyms are open in some level 3 areas and closed in others

Rules that can be negotiated in level 3 areas include: closure of hospitality venues, recreation centers, gymnasiums, public buildings, personal care services and arts venues; support packages for those who cannot work; and the sale of alcohol in reception venues

The government has advised anyone who cannot work from home to go to work The ability to work from home depends on the nature of the job and consultations between employees and employers

You should not meet anyone outdoors outside of your foyer or supportive bubble, unless there are no more than six people and the meeting takes place in certain open spaces This includes parks , beaches, countryside, forests, public gardens and playgrounds You can’t meet in a private garden

Larger groups can be disassociated and fined by police, starting at £ 200 and doubling for each other offense to a maximum of £ 6,400

At level 3, people cannot visit other households inside unless they are part of a support bubble This is when a single household adult socially exclusively joins another household

Unless your partner is in your social bubble, level 3 rules don’t allow you to meet indoors You can only meet in public and open spaces and must maintain social distancing outside

Most stores can stay open as long as they are protected by COVID Depending on where you live, some additional restrictions are in place

Pubs and bars must close unless they are functioning as a restaurant, which is defined as serving “hearty meals”

Restaurants must close between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., with the exception of reception venues at gas stations and ports After December 2, the Prime Minister is expected to extend opening hours by one hour in the evening

Customers must wear face masks indoors unless seated to eat and drink You must put on a face covering once you have finished eating or drinking Expect staff to wear also his face mask

The government recommends that someone in your group provide their contact details to the site or register using the NHS Covid-19 app

You can meet more than six people for outdoor dance and exercise classes and organized outdoor sports

Before and after the activity, you should not mingle with groups of more than six If this is not possible, no events should take place

At level 3, only grandparents from the same household can take care of your child So if a child has two groups of grandparents in two different households, only one of these households is allowed to s ‘take care of them

Grandparents who have several grandchildren living in different households can only provide childcare for one of these other households

You can move and continue to make house calls, as long as you follow social distancing guidelines and wear a face mask

Government guidelines advise you to avoid traveling to an area with higher level restrictions, especially level 3, unless it is an essential trip, such as traveling for work or study, or to take on family responsibilities

If you live in a level 3 area, the government advises you not to spend the night in another part of the UK except for essential reasons

If you live in a level 3 zone, you can travel to hotels and other accommodation in that zone, but only with members of your household or a support bubble

Government ‘won’t rule anything out’ over new fourth tier of restrictions, Health Secretary Matt Hancock says

In August, the Ministry of Education released a four-tier structure, in which all educational institutions, including primary schools and early childhood institutions, would be closed

Existing level 3 measures include the closure of pubs and bars that do not serve food, supplemented by the closure of gymnasiums, soft play centers and casinos

More recently Scotland introduced a fourth tier, which is currently in place in 11 local authority areas in central and western Scotland, including Glasgow Tier 4 restrictions will remain in place until December 11

Additional Tier 3 plus or potential Tier 4 restrictions could force non-essential restaurants and stores to close

In Scotland, level 4 restrictions echo the March lockdown, with severe restrictions on travel, business and stay-at-home instructions

Ministers agreed to a UK-wide plan to allow up to four households to mingle for five days over Christmas between December 24-28

Families will be able to enjoy Christmas together across the UK after ministers agree to allow up to four households to mingle during the five-day break

Strict limits on household mixing will be removed for the festive break before the country reverts to a tier system

No final decision has been made on how many households will be able to reunite, but sources have indicated that it will be three or four households, meaning families will be able to have both groups of grandparents to stay

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is believed to be behind the relaxation of rules, which will begin days before Christmas. The hope is to provide people with “normal days” in pubs and restaurants before the holidays

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In a statement, the Cabinet Office said the leaders of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland had “endorsed a common goal of easing a bit of extra bubbling households for a small number of days ”

However, they also “stressed that the public will be advised to remain cautious and that, where possible, people should avoid travel and minimize social contact”

Northern Ireland is discussing a cross-border deal with Ireland, which means the same rules are likely to apply in all parts of the British Isles

The four-country approach, which must be approved by parliament and each of the decentralized administrations, will concern families who have relatives in another country of origin, who have sometimes been prevented from visiting them due to different rules on either side of the border, can now plan Christmas together with confidence

Families must decide in advance their extended bubbles and will not be able to mingle with people outside this bubble during the festive break

The Cabinet Office said: ‘Welcoming the progress made by all administrations over the past few days in designing a single set of arrangements that can apply across the UK, ministers reiterated the importance to allow families and friends to meet in a limited way, while recognizing that this will not be a normal festive time and that the risks of transmission remain very real

“Work continues to finalize arrangements including travel arrangements The UK Government, Scottish Government, Welsh Government and the Northern Ireland Executive hope to conclude this work this week, under subject to the agreement of each administration”

However, the severity of the restrictions as December 24 approaches will depend on the success of the current lockdown when it ends on December 2

Boris Johnson said: “Christmas will be different this year, maybe a lot different, but I sincerely hope and believe that by acting tough now we can make it possible for families across the country to be together”

The final details of the Christmas arrangements are expected to be announced later this week, but it looks like you can enjoy some normalcy this holiday season

On November 20, government ministers said the recent vaccine news was “a ray of light” that should end multi-level lockdowns and reintroduce normalcy The government’s plan to vaccinate 44 million adults by April 2021 has been hailed by Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who said he was “increasingly confident” that life will be closer to normal in spring

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