Another day has passed and the legal team of the Trump 2020 Deadline Campaign has suffered yet another self-induced legal incident

On Wednesday, Rudy Giuliani submitted an order proposal with the US District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania Curiously, Trump’s former friend and attorney also signed US District Judge Matthew Brann

In the US legal system, various parties often submit proposed orders that describe their preferred form (s) of relief in a legal case or controversy. Judges can then accept or reject those proposals in whole or in in part Legal experts were quick to cry foul after the bizarre addition of Brann’s name by plaintiffs – criticizing the Trump campaign for effectively adding the judge’s signature before he even had a chance to sign, bin or even to review the order

Election law expert, CNN and University of California electoral law analyst, law professor Irvine Rick Hasen was one of the main voices in criticizing the decision:

The incompetence of the Trump campaign lawyers to not even sign their amended complaint proposal is so striking https: // tco / xckfgMPKHN AND in mistakenly signing the name of the judge proposed to accept this complaint https: // tco / 0auQqjDmkY

“The incompetence of the Trump campaign lawyers in not even signing their amended complaint proposal is striking,” he noted “AND by mistakenly signing the names of the judges to the proposed order of accept this complaint “

Ok Mr. Practicing Lawyer This is an EXPOSURE to a request for authorization to file Not the amended complaint This is a blue document by FRCP

The judge’s person is a courtesy, so if he approves all he has to do is place his seal

In particular, Ellis appeared to dig into and reduce the campaign’s stance by claiming that the district judge’s signature was typed into the ordinance without his consent out of “courtesy.” In other words, Ellis was saying it ‘was normal and Hasen was wrong

Trump adviser @JennaEllisEsq mocked @rickhasen last night for noting that Trump’s team presumptuously signed a proposed court order bearing the judge’s name They just re-signed it filed without the signature https: // tco / nB1ftii8nS picTwittercom / 5AkEtYHsdb

On Thursday morning, the proposed order was re-filed in federal court – without the much criticized and obviously revealing signature of the judge handling the case

It was Jenna Ellis who blocked me in the spring when I dared to cite a Supreme Court case (Jacobson v MA) explaining that states * actually * have * the power to issue health regulations public to fight against COVID https: // tco / WWj3fGZ1rN

(Jenna launching out with Rick isn’t a fair fight, admittedly, but it’s still a great reminder that what the Trump team publicly spits out are, almost invariably, exaggerated claims, mistakes. leadership, incorrect statements or lies)

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Jenna Ellis

World News – FI – Jenna Ellis of the Trump campaign mocks electoral law expert for being right Then the Trump campaign proves her right