Posts from bikini model and influencer Natalia Garibotto garnering thousands of likes from her 24 million subscribers On October 5, when she posted a photo of herself in schoolgirl style lingerie , one of those likes came from @franciscus, the official pseudo of Pope Francis, the head of the Roman Catholic Church Similar document was deleted on November 14, after a report from the Catholic News Agency – and sparked a Vatican investigation

27-year-old Brazilian Garibotto is famous on social media by the Instagram handle @natagata where she posts risky images of herself and promises “even better content” on her website Her site, natagatacom, features “sexy exclusives”, “access to BTS clips, twerking videos and more” The picture the Pope loved was captioned “I can teach you a thing or two” and was accompanied by a horn emoji devil

The Pope is present on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, which are managed by a team of professionals.The Pope would give his consent for tweets and, during a crisis or emergency, has said he wants tweeter He doesn’t care about liking social media posts The pontiff is unlikely to have seen the model’s image or responded to it personally His Instagram handle, which has 74 million subscribers, does not follow not @natagata or any other A Vatican spokesperson told the Guardian: “We can rule out the ‘likes’ are from the Holy See and we took to Instagram for an explanation”

As the news spread on social media, the model tweeted: “At least I’m going to heaven.” Her management and advertising company, COY Co, posted on her account that she had “received THE POPE’S OFFICIAL BLESSING “

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Natalia Garibotto

News from the world – FI – Explained: Who is Natalia Garibotto, the model whose photo was similar on Pope Francis’ Instagram account?