The Mandalorian’s date with Clone Wars fan favorite Ahsoka Tano is going to have to wait another week or two En route to the current location of the Jedi-trained warrior on the moon of Corvus Forest At the start of the last episode, “The Seige,” Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and Baby Yoda were forced to make a pit stop on the Outer Rim planet Nevarro for the necessary maintenance of the ship On the plus side , this stopover allowed them to find comrades in arms: the former boss of Mando, Greef Karga (Carl Weathers, who also directed the episode) and the mercenary turned Marshal Cara Dune (Gina Carano), one the characters from the first season of the series

While Din and his little green traveling companion were all smiles upon seeing Cara Dune again, Carano’s return received a decidedly mixed response among Star Wars fans. In recent months, the actress and former MMA star has used her Twitter feed to express increasingly divisive opinions on issues ranging from the recent presidential election and the use of trans pronouns, to COVID restrictions and culture cancellation Last week, Carano announced that she was joining the conservative social media platform Speak, following the lead of right-wing commentators and politicians such as Ted Cruz and Sean Hannity.

But Carano Didn’t Give Up Twitter Completely When “The Seige” stumbled across Disney overnight, she thanked Weathers for “the immense honor” of acting alongside her in an episode he has. executed The rock star responded in kind, writing, “You know, I think you’re the bomb”

Acting next to you was already a huge honor @TheCarlWeathers but being led by you instilled calm confidence & Fire I loved seeing the sparkle in your eyes accompanied by that big smile when you know you did well Thank you for being my coach🔥 INCOMING !!! # TheMandalorian https: // tco / gcaJgIuIjt

Aw @ginacarano your words are so appreciated You know I think you are the bomb! Can’t wait to do the magic again Stay safe beautiful lady #BePeace https: // tco / mlC9hsG7E9

A voice segment from Star Wars fans followed Weathers’ lead, praising the actress for her screen presence and (most importantly) leaving politics aside

GREAT EPISODE! Full of action, lots of fun, good achievement from @TheCarlWeathers and unmatched beauty @ginacarano #TheMandalorian picTwittercom / caorkG8aG3

I’m not sure exactly what my sexuality is, but that’s how I felt watching Gina Carano choke someone #TheMandalorian picTwittercom / 1GRxguMKfR

Who thinks @ginacarano and I need to get out? We are both constantly “canceled” and we are both strong Italians It has to happen

But many others felt they couldn’t separate the artist’s art in this case Carano’s comments on trans pronouns were particularly controversial within the fan community, and this controversy expected to continue when Rosario Dawson makes his first appearance as Ahsoka Tano As Vanity Fair reports, Dawson was charged with anti-trans discrimination in a lawsuit filed last year, though the actress has vigorously denied the charges.

Gina Carano has absolutely ruined Cara Dune for me now as I really tried, but I just can’t separate the character from the actress I’m so crazy

It’s funny to see Gina Carano in The Mandalorian fighting a fascist government that has been removed from office, but still desperately clings to power, while on this website doing exactly what the opposite

Aside from what a superficial, mean person Gina Carano is in real life, Cara Dune is one of the most boring and useless characters Star Wars has ever produced

A hell of a day to discover that Gina Carano is an anti-mask It will sharpen my #Mandalorian experience

Gina Carano and Rosario Dawson on the set of The Mandalorian talking about how much they hate LGBTQ PicTwittercom / 9RJDxVZBFK

If Carano hadn’t become such a controversial character, it’s easy to see how “The Siege” might have opened the door for a Cara Dune spinoff series. During the episode, Din, Cara, and Greef attack a single Imperial base in Nevarro where scientists performed experimental transfusions with Baby Yoda’s blood A holographic recording from one of these scientists makes explicit reference to “M-count” – a likely reference to those Force-activating “Midi-chlorians” that Anakin Skywalker had walked through in his hemoglobin. The last shot of the episode suggests that Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) hopes to use the child’s M-count rich blood to fuel a new group of super-soldiers

Chapter 12 definitely mentioned the Midichlorians Many fans would like to forget that they exist Respect to Jon Favreau not to turn away from it 👏👏👏 #TheMandalorian picTwittercom / RI78JPrAqt

As for Cara, she is approached by X-wing pilot Carson Teva (played by Kim’s Convenience star Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, who made his Mandalorian debut in the second episode of this season), who offers a role – and badge – as part of the New Emerging Republic It seems to set the stage for a standalone Marshal Dune show, but with the hashtag #FireGinaCarano already trending, Mandalorian showrunners Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni might have to find a new marshal Twitter already has a replacement in mind who is already part of the Disney family

Brie Larson as Cara Dune, she can be successful and is the nicest person not to mention that she wants to be in the Star Wars photoTwittercom / 26nD8SsLWq

‘The Mandalorian’: Baby Yoda – and the Jedi – returns in a new season 2 trailer

After reaching its highest ranking in the Top 25 AP in more than half a century, Non 9 Indiana had a chance to find out how it compared to Big Ten, the Ohio State giant, a team the Hoosiers hadn’t beaten in 32 years Behind quarterback Michael Penix Jr, Indiana (4-1) recovered from a four touchdown deficit in the second half to be outlasted by the Buckeyes 42-35 on a rainy Saturday in a nearly empty Ohio stadium “ You know people didn’t think we belonged to the field with the state of Ohio, but I think we showed it today, ” Indiana coach Tom said. Allen

Blake Hayes got an easy first try It just took a while because of his roundabout route

Anthony Davis is the best player available but Marc Gasol may be the most in demand

Gordon Hayward’s wife Robyn shared some thoughts on the family’s time in Boston after hearing they were on their way to Charlotte

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After waiting almost 15 months for this moment, JT Daniels took a knee and soaked up the cheers of the socially distant crowd.Making his debut between the hurdles, Daniels threw for 401 yards and four touchdowns like No 13 La Georgia held on for a 31-24 victory over Mississippi State on Saturday night Playing for the first time since the 2019 opener with Southern Cal, Daniels became the third quarterback to start for the Bulldogs (5- 2, 5-2 Southeastern Conference) this season

The explosion between New York Giants head coach Joe Judge and Marc Colombo was so intense that senior management decided to intervene

New Orleans Saints start Taysom Hill at quarterback against Atlanta Falcons instead of Jameis Winston in relief of Drew Brees

Giants head coach Joe Judge and other Patriots assistants have reportedly “openly denigrated” Tom Brady’s abilities

Some familiar names could be on the Warrior Radar to help fill the Klay Thompson void

UFC President Dana White answered questions from the media after UFC 255 on Saturday in Las Vegas

Dana White spoke to:

Trying to book Deiveson Figueiredo vs Brandon Moreno in December Matching Valentina Shevchenko with Jessica Andrade following Honor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier targeted for lackluster UFC Fight Island Shogun Rua performance and that he would like Shogun to retire Some surprising news (for him) on Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr

TRENDS> Deiveson Figueiredo retains title, finishes in first round of UFC 255 main event

Valentina Shevchenko Says She Won’t Fight Her Sister, But Both Will Be Champions | UFC 255

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The Buccaneers created some confusion this week over what they knew and when they found out about the Antonio Brown off-field incident on October 15 The initial statement did not specify if they were aware of it before signing it; Coach Bruce Arians claims this shows they did it given the NFL Media report that the [more]

While Washington Wizards playmaker John Wall has reportedly called for a trade, here are the top three options we can suggest

UFC 255 was dominated by two flyweight title fights, with both champions retaining their belts Deiveson Figueiredo submitted Alex Perez in the main event, while Valentina Shevchenko nodded unanimously to Jennifer Maia in the main event Neither champion got any performance bonus

Fight of the night: Louis Cosce vs Sasha Palatnikov

Louis Cosce and Sasha Palatnikov put on a dazzling performance to open the UFC 255 fight card

Cosce started off strong, punishing Palatnikov throughout the opening frame, but the Hong Kong-born fighter came back strong in the second round.The third frame told the story, as Palatnikov gave a hard right hand and finished with several more shots to stop TKO

Both fighters’ huge performance earned them the Fight of the Night bonus, with each man returning home with an additional $ 50,000

Performance of the Night: Joaquin Buckley

Joaquin Buckley won his second fight in just over a month with his second round knockout of Jordan Wright at UFC 255

The victory was his second consecutive UFC knockout and second consecutive Performance of the Night bonus.

Performance of the night: Antonina Shevchenko

Antonina Shevchenko may not yet have a UFC championship belt around her waist like her sister, but she performed well enough at UFC 255 to earn the honor of the night’s performance

Bouncing off a loss to Katlyn Chookagian in her last outing, Shevchenko finished Ariane Lipski at the end of the second round to earn her $ 50,000 bonus

TREND> Brandon Moreno eliminates Brandon Royval to keep No 1 in contention at UFC 255

UFC 255: Figueiredo vs. Perez Performance Bonus

Fight of the night: Louis Cosce vs Sasha Palatnikov Performance of the night: Joaquin Buckley Performance of the night: Antonina Shevchenko

TRENDS> Deiveson Figueiredo retains title, finishes in first round of UFC 255 main event

Dana White Stunned by Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr News | UFC 255 press conference

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A look at the makeup of the Lakers roster when free agency launched

Coach Sean Payton launches Taysom Hill on whether he can replace Drew Brees when he finally retires

Spencer Petras smiled and admitted he wasn’t the strongest runner when he had the ball in his hands Petras completed 18 of 28 passes for 186 yards and ran for a late touchdown to lead the ‘Iowa in his third straight win and first at Beaver Stadium since 2009 The Hawkeyes (3-2, 3-2 Big Ten) had 179 rushing yards and three combined touchdowns from Mekhi Sargent and Tyler Goodson, who crossed lanes wide open and reduced missed tackles to end Iowa’s six-game losing streak the series

SHOWS: LONDON, ENGLAND, UK (21 NOVEMBER 2020) (ATP MEDIA / IMG – NO RESALE, NO ARCHIVE) 1 (SOUNDBITE) (English) REPORTER ASKS RAFA NADAL: “Rafa, a match tough tonight, did you feel that the match was going on longer, that you just lacked a bit of energy towards the end and that’s why Daniil was the winner tonight? ” RESPONSE FROM RAFA NADAL: “No I don’t think that way At the start of the match he was better than me, I was able to save my serves with some trouble, but then I played well to take the break and then to close the set, and in the second, a bit of the same story at the start, but at the end of the set I was playing a little better than him, and in the 5-4 I think he played a good game and I didn’t I didn’t play a bad game, that’s all, I had a big opportunity, I lost a big opportunity, well done to him, he is playing very well, I wish him all the best “2 FLASH BLANC 3 (SOUNDBITE) (English) REPORTER ASKING RAFA NADAL: “Are there any circumstances where you wouldn’t go to Melbourne to play at the Aussie Open next year?” RAFA NADAL REPLYING: “I don’t know yet what the situation will be, now We have to wait for what the government says in Victoria We can’t do much about the ATP position, just wait and we have no one to say what that they think is better for their country, so we just have to be patient and accept the situation that we are facing which is difficult for everyone, then we have to be flexible to understand the situation and find a way to play so much as many tournaments as possible next year, continue with The Tour, try to help tournaments, help players, lower ranked players continue to have jobs, and at the same time all the staff who make a living from our sport , not just the tennis players, all the people around So let’s try to be flexible in every way – players, tournaments It’s a special situation, hopefully with the vaccine, which ends well soon and we can get back at least to a level close to normal, in a few months, but now it’s a difficult situation and I hope the situation will improve and we can come back to a normal visit “4 WHITE FLASH 5 (SOUNDBITE) (English) NOVAK DJOKOVIC SAYING: “Well I mean What he did 0-4 in the third set tiebreaker was just unreal I mean I don’t think it hurts played, actually I did my first two serves, actually all my first serves 4-1, 4-2, 4-5, 4-6, I did all the first serves He just crushed the ball , it all came in from both corners and he played a few really short slices, you know, angles Yeah I mean what can you do I mean I was in the pilot position at 4-0 I thought I was very close to winning it, and he just took it away from me, but he deserved it, because he I went there and it all worked “6 FLASH BLANC 7 (SOUNDBITE) (English) NOVAK DJOK OVIC SAYING: “You know it’s disappointing to end the season with a loss like this, but at the same time, you know, I love competition, I love to travel and do what I love, so let’s see what 2021 brings I’m not sure Obviously Australia is around the corner somehow but nobody can get in until january it’s gonna be a bit longer before the season i think for us all of us, wherever we’re based, and let’s see it from there “STORY: Rafa Nadal’s dream of a first ATP Finals title and Novak Djokovic’s quest for a tied sixth record vanished in losses against Daniil Medvedev and Dominic Thiem respectively in two seismic semi-finals on Saturday 21 November As the curtain falls on London’s 12 years as host of the prestigious ATP Tour season, it would have been fitting that Nadal and Djokovic s ‘face for the 57th time in their brilliant career But times are changing, at least it seems, and Medvedev and Thiem hadn’t read the script Nadal, in search of the missing major pot in his vast collection of silverware, must have seen the door open when Thiem produced a stunning retaliation to beat Djokovic 7-5 6-7 (10) 7-6 (5) in a classic contest lasting nearly three hours He had beaten Medvedev in all of their three meetings, including a memorable US Open Year Final last It looked like he had run out of the cunning Russian’s box of stuff when he served for the game at 5-4 in the second set, but Medvedev, 10 his junior at 24, came back strong to win 3 -6 7-6 (4) 6 -3 Whatever happens on Sunday (November 22), it will mean a fifth consecutive winner for the first time in the tournament To put the victory of world number four Medvedev into perspective, Nadal had triumphed in the last 71 matches where he had won the first set “I played a bad game at 5-4, I had a big opportunity, but played well against him,” Nadal said Earlier in the empty arena, 27-year-old Thiem saw four balls match vanish in the second set tiebreak against Djokovic, one with a nervous double fault, and it looked like he would pay a heavy price Djokovic, who is one short of Roger Federer’s title record in the ATP final, led 4-0 in the decisive tie-breaker But US Open champion Thiem unleashed a stunning counterattack to bring home six points, hitting match point with a heart-wrenching crosscourt backhand Djokovic saved a fifth match point but then threw a long defensive forehand. ” What he did 0-4 in the tie-break was just unreal, “Djokovic, who won the 2012-15 London title, told reporters. “He just crushed the ball and it all came in What can you do?” The defeats mean Nadal and Djokovic’s 2020 seasons are over and they are now hoping the Australian Open can go to Melbourne, which is due start january 18 However, current government restrictions mean players could not arrive in Australia until early January and would then have to observe a two-week quarantine period, leaving hardly any time to prepare for the start of the tournament. “We just have to be patient and come to terms with the situation we are facing which is difficult for everyone,” said Nadal (Production: Mike Brock)

Gina Carano

World News – FI – Gina Carano returns to “The Mandalorian” and Twitter has mixed feelings: “I’m so crazy”