Like so many others who have appeared in Vogue, Harry Styles recently posed for the magazine in dress.The resulting photo dominated this week’s headlines – thanks in no small part to conservative provocative Candace Owens, whose the call to ‘bring back manly men’ has aroused the ire of Hazza fans To their delight, there’s already another photoshoot featuring Styles in a daring and at times controversial outfit This time it was a pair of short denim shorts, aka jorts, which have surprisingly been given a facelift lately

The jorts, of course, are from Gucci, a trusted source of content in delicious styles (See: her photoshoot with tiny piglets and the little tank top that brought Rome to tears last year) The pair in question is not hemmed and foams the thighs, allowing fans to zoom in on her tiger head sized thigh tattoo A pastel pink t-shirt, black loafers and white socks pulled up to mid-calf complete the set, that Styles wore for a cameo in the house’s week-long fashion and film festival And according to several Twitter users, pageviews were potentially the reason the GucciFest website briefly crashed

But wait, there are more! The photos are taken from a 10 minute video which is the third episode in a series directed by Gus Van Sant Overtoure of Something That Never Ended takes place in a post office in Rome, where the Italian art critic and theorist Achille Bonito Oliva spends time online with a phone call to Styles’ character (The singer speaks in English, but seems to understand Oliva’s thoughts in Italian)

“I think when it comes to making art, it’s about finding what you’ve always wanted to see or always wanted to listen to but like it’s never been done”, Styles says to Olivia, walking through the gravel in a backyard in Los Angeles “It’s always like an uncomfortable moment I think when you find the thing You don’t know if you love it or hate it because you don’t know what it is But I think it’s the most exciting place to work “

Styles’ next acting gig is that of Florence Pugh’s husband in Don’t Worry Darling, Olivia Wilde’s second feature film Based on the sound of it, the film will also feature looks from quality; Wilde, who called Owens “pathetic” for her criticism of styles, works with master costume designer Arianne Phillips. “She and I did a little victory dance when we found out we officially had Harry in the movie,” said Wilde told Vogue, “because we knew he really appreciated fashion and style.”

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