There have only been two occasions in Manchester United’s illustrious history where they haven’t won any of their first five home games of a league season Luckily for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, his team managed to avoid making an ignominious third, but only after a resumed penalty ended an almost five-and-a-half-hour league scoring drought at Old Trafford and West Bromwich Albion got a penalty kick controversially canceled

Bruno Fernandes’ initial penalty was saved by Sam Johnstone, but the West Bromwich Albion goalkeeper and former United intern was out of his line as he dove low to his left to keep the ball in the air. away and, as such, the Portuguese midfielder had the opportunity to atone.Just as he did in similar circumstances against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League last month, Fernandes did not s is not cheated on his second attempt

It wasn’t the only penalty drama involving Fernandes on the night, however – or whoever West Brom came out of worst Conor Gallagher believed he won a penalty from his side after falling under a challenge from Fernandes David Coote has pointed to the penalty spot but, following the subsequent VAR review, the referee moved to the field monitor to review the incident and overturned his decision Already dismayed that United’s penalty was cleared after Fred fouled Gallagher before Darnell Furlong handled Juan Mata’s cross, Slaven Bilic struggled to conceal his anger over Coote’s decision to return to his initial call

– I’m really disappointed with the decision, – Bilic said Throughout the second half I felt like a little West Brom All those crucial decisions went against us I’ve watched it a few times now and for myself it’s a clear penalty on Conor Gallagher I don’t understand why he reversed that

– Their penalty is handball, it’s a bit unlucky but according to the new rules it’s handball But before handball it was a clear foul on Conor Gallagher So instead of 1- 0 for us is 1-0 for them and against Man United away is a huge difference, it’s crucial, it’s game overâ ????

Even Solskjaer admitted United were fortunate enough to have West Brom’s penalty kicked off “We might be a little lucky, but maybe the rules are different from how I interpret them, The United manager said

The win put United in ninth, above Manchester City, while West Brom remains stuck in the final three without a win after nine games yet, as Bilic’s side were partly indebted to Johnstone, who made good saves to turn down Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford and Harry Maguire, and United’s waste, they deserved something from the game

United have only scored once in open play at Old Trafford in the league this season – in their first loss to Crystal Palace – and Fernandesâ € ” penalty was their first home goal in the competition for five hours and 24 minutes since his kick against Spurs, after which the floodgates opened This 6-1 trouncing really seems to have scored United, certainly at home

Considering how West Brom has gone through them on occasion, Solskjaer can argue he was right to start with two defensive midfielders in Fred and Nemanja Matic, but it seemed like an occasion where United would have had to let go.Instead, after Martial missed a great opportunity to open the scoring in the 16th minute after a good move on turnover, United struggled to find a real attacking pace and the game followed a familiar pattern It just seems to work hard for this team at times

– Getting the first home win is important, there has been a lot of talk and writing about it and you can see at the end that we were a little pissed off, â ??? ? Solskjaer said – We probably should have scored a few more to make the finish easier, but at 1-0 you’re never sure and it’s a close call both ways

– The league this season is going to be ups and downs, and inconsistent, unpredictable we saw some results today The league is not really settling in It’s very tight Points are sometimes more important than performanceâ ????

It would have been interesting to see how United had reacted if Coote had respected his initial penalty Karlan Grant had rounded the outside of Maguire, rushed forward and slipped the ball to Gallagher, who fell to the soil under a challenge of Fernandes The latter got the ball first but also the man and forcefully protested to Coote after the referee pointed the finger at the spot. Was that on Coote’s mind when he went to review the decision? Maybe, but it was still a big call

West Brom was not discouraged, however, and should have taken the lead soon afterwards Furlong’s cross sailed unchallenged from right to left, to the feet of Conor Townsend, who had just beaten David De Gea C ‘ was glorious luck and, although he hit his shot well, he was close enough to the United goalkeeper to save with his left boot stretched out

Vital intervention and a West Brom would have added a cause to lament moments later when United made their way to the other end and Mata’s planned cross was handled by Furlong West Brom defender hijacked them eyes of the ball and knew little about it – similar, in reality, to the penalty that Joe Gomez conceded for Liverpool against Manchester City this month – but under current rules it was the right move That said, Fred had fouled Gallagher during the preparation – a missed offense from both Coote and VAR.

Fernandes was relieved to have a second cherry bite after Johnstone saved his first penalty West Brom continued to come in, however, and nearly equalized, thanks in large part to Bilic’s two substitutes, Hal Robson- Kanu and Callum Robinson Robson-Kanu spun cleanly in the middle and threw a pass to Gallagher, who handed the ball to Robinson His shot whistled at De Gea but fell back from the crossbar Even more misfortune for the visitors

United register their first home league win of the season and overtake Man City Less is said about performances, the better West Brom will curse his luck after canceling a penalty and seeing Fernandes convert a kick from recaptured bullet

Exceptional blockage by Furlong to deny Martial but United have a corner and close to the finish line

There will be four minutes of stoppage time Although there is still a one goal deficit, there is hope for West BromÂ

Bilic has come out of his technical zone to try to push his team forward and they have good possession United give up and defend their own defensive third Martial then leads the scoring and wins a foul from AjayiÂ

Both teams look broken now, but United get a chance to breathe on the ball They give it up again though, before Gallgher drops looking for a foul Bartley then wins a big tackle to stop UnitedÂ’s break

Cavani and Martial fail to connect and West Brom then has the chance to throw numbers forward But then Furlong stumbles on his own feet and kicks United with a goal kick McTominay is set to replace FredÂ

Van De Beek is now for United, replacing Mata whose race was run The game has entered a bit of a lull with neither side creating a chance to score

United had numbers on the counter but overplayed, eventually passing to Fernandes on the edge of the box whose shot was lowered Fernandes then look for Rashford above, who didn’t quite catch the ball in his stride

Good job from Ajayi to move forward, lose him, then come back to pinch the ball on Matic Moments earlier, Cavani darted into the box and his shot was blocked

West Brom is a bit more open now, and Rashford plays a cross against a defender’s shin for a corner Cavni throws it to the near post and the ball falls for Maguire at back batting, who hit his shot in the sol and Johnstone makes another stop

More Johnstone hero Fernandes sent a pass that sank all the way to Rashford at the far post, he worked a yard to try and pass the ball to the far corner but the West Brom goalkeeper had tip of the fingersÂ

What a superb introduction to the game of Robinson Gallagher again leading West Brom’s charge, he gives the pass back to Robinson who goes looking for the curler from the left corner of the area, about 25 yards, and the bullet cannons off from the bar with De Gea beaten

50% – Half of Bruno Fernandes’ Premier League goals for Man Utd have been penalties (7/14), the highest ratio of any player to score for the club in the Expert competition # MUNWBA

What a crazy, incident-rich start to the half-time West Brom should probably be an upward goal, but ending up with a downward goal United always look a little under par and suddenly quite torn up. ‘back

This time he goes to Johnstone’s right and passes him in front of him According to the letter of the law, Coote was right to instruct Fernandes to take her back but under the circumstances West Brom will be furious

West Brom will feel that justice is done as Johnstone makes a brilliant left-handed save but wait! The verdict of the Var is that he jumped from his line before making the stop. The penalty will be RETAKEN!

Furlong penalized for handball Ball hit his hand, but defender had his back turned to him It was Mata’s cross that hit him Will fuel the feeling of injustice

ANOTHER HUGE chance for West Brom! Brilliant from De Gea to save with an outstretched leg with Townsend free at the back post

An exciting start to the half – Rashford lets fly from afar and Johnstone spins him around the post

David Coote ruled Fernandes had weak touchdown Peter Walton is surprised decision was overturned West Brom may feel aggrieved

Well, well West Brom got in behind Maguire and for a while it looked like he could give Grant a penalty, but the West Brom forward stayed on his feet and picked Gallgher with a pass. Fernandes stepped back and tried to wrap her around the shin

The referee watches the monitor it was difficult to see if Fernandes got a boost on the ball before touching Gallagher MarginalÂ

None of the managers have made a change but United must show more intensity in this half

United will point to two good saves from Johnstone, both from Martial, as proof that they should be in the lead, but in truth their overall level of play hasn’t been good enoughÂ

United try to turn the screw but West Brom stand firm There will only be a minute of extra time

Wan Bissaka enters from the right after a scoop over the top of Fernandes Mata runs to the nearest post and lets the cross pass before Furlong hammers him West Brom spoils his chance to break with a misplaced pass and United get it

Good play from Gallagher, pushing forward from West Brom midfielder then Diangana’s shot deflected behind for a corner West Brom sends his three middle halves and Bartley wins but his pricked head lands on the roof fillet

United are starting to support attacks with more ease now, West Brom has stopped holding the ball Ivanovic takes on former Chelsea teammate Mata, and does well not to give a penalty, then a pass to Wan-Bissaka is too heavy

Martial’s quick feet to escape a few tackles from West Brom and his shot from around 25 yards deflects behind for a corner These are big moments for West Brom who have done so well so far Maguire seemed to have pushed Ivanovic ahead before launching a straight shot into Bartley’s porridge at close range Fortunately, the West Brom defender is back on his feetÂ

It was almost Fernandes’ pass of the season, sliced ​​through with the outside of his foot to pick Mata at the back post, but Townsend came back to hurt himself and Johnstone claims Almost a Magic Moment

Fernandes angry with himself for misplacing a ball attempt That rather sums up United’s performance so far Martial’s shirt was pulled on that penalty call, but it was too light

Good reverse pass from Mata to Martial on the right and United sutatin attack Martial then descends into the box in search of a penalty and Var takes a look It seems United striker has fallen easily Verification completed , no penalty

West Brom is gaining confidence and starting to gradually move up, which might suit United It hasn’t been great on the home side, but nonetheless Johnstone still needs to make two good savesÂ

Good luck for West Brom – Pereira slips a good pass between Maguire and Lindelof for a diagonal run back from Grant, whose shot cut Lindelof’s heel just off the post United crosses the corner

West Brom competes well in midfield, not United’s strongest department it has to be said, and sees a good chunk of the ball in the final minutes Townsend provides a dangerous overlap of the left back, but the ball is just out of play for a goal kick

United getting closer After a good spell of possession from West Brom, Ajayi played the ball straight to Maguire who fed Rashford on the counterattack He chose Fernandes who was all alone in the box and he laid Martial on foot for the first time Martial aimed his shot at the target but Johnstone descended well to his left to prevent him from enteringÂ

It was United’s best shot in the game Fernandes slipped a pass into the ravine between the wide center-back and full-back for Martial, and he sends a dangerous ball through the penalty area that Furling has well done to clear at the back postÂ

Fred falls in search of a free kick at the halfway point – the referee has none – but Fernandes wins a foul from Pereira Sloppy de Matic to offer the ball to West BromÂ

Rashford tried to cross for Fernandes but there was too much on it and West Brom has a goal kick Mata wants too many touches on the right wing and Diangana is doing his job well Ajayi then comes closer to win the ball in front of Rashford

West Brom is fortunate enough to enjoy possession of the ball in United’s half of the field, but the move fails with Grant

Gallagher tries to trick Matic into making a mistake but the United midfielder kept the lead and the home side keep the ball There were bright spots in West Brom’s performance against Spurs and they are looking to build on that here No real alarms in open play so far

Rashford operating from the left in the opening minutes and will be supported on that flank by Telles Not much pace on the home team in possession of the moment

It seems to me that West Brom is preparing in a 5-3-2 with Grant and Diangana in the lead Bartley, Ivanovic and Ajayi as the three center-backs Bartley gives up a foul on the right and it turns out to be almost costly: Martial won a header at the near post and Johnstone made a diving stop to his right to scratch him

United kick us off and head to empty Stretford End in the first half

Is there enough creativity in this United midfielder? Mata was excellent at Newcastle in this itinerant right-wing role

Man Utd: De Gea, Wan-Bissaka, Lindelof, Maguire, Alex Telles, Matic, Mata, Fred, Bruno Fernandes, Martial, Rashford

Man City just lost to Spurs so United can jump over them in the table if they take all three points tonight This is quite remarkable given the gloom and gloom around the club in recent months

Pogba was not spotted at the team hotel this afternoon, so his absence comes as no surprise What is a surprise is the inclusion of Matic on McTominayÂ

ð ???? ¨ Introducing our starting XI to face West Brom tonight! ð ?????? ð ???? ´ #MUFC # ï¸ ?? at ?? £ # MUNWBAð ?????? #PL

ð ???? ¨ Introducing our starting XI to face West Brom tonight! ð ?????? ð ???? ´ #MUFC # ï¸ ?? at ?? £ # MUNWBAð ?????? #PL

Vultures were circling around Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Manchester United ahead of their trip to Everton, but they managed to pull a fire result and Solskjaer needs this game to be a line in the sandÂ

United are yet to win a Premier League game at Old Trafford this season, failing to score against Chelsea and Arsenal, and they won’t have many more presentable chances than a game against West Bromwich Albion Slaven Bilic’s side have scored one goal in their last five league games, have the lowest total expected goals in the league and the second highest total expected conceded goals Not the ideal combination, then

Solskjaer is hoping to have Marcus Rashford in good shape despite reports of a shoulder injury troubling Alex Telles could be available, but Victor Lindelof’s continued back problem and Mason Greenwood’s recent illness cast doubt on their involvement All eyes will be on what Solskjaer is doing in the central midfield, with Paul Pogba and Donny van De Beek struggling to secure regular places A brief flirtation with a midfielder diamond appears to have been abandoned

West Brom has a few Covid-19 absences to contend with, including their main creative medium last season Matheus Pereira  Since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement, West Brom has recorded three wins at Old TraffordÂ

As a club we have been doing really well recently at Old Trafford “Bilic said” Last four or five times I have a pretty good record, seeing as it’s Man United, with West Ham

Every game is difficult, especially for us because we are newcomers But it’s still Man United far away If you see their roster it’s huge

– It’s a big opportunity for us too, but first we have to do what we did against Spurs and against a few others – make it tough, try to penetrate, the ball, to be resilient, to have numbers behind the ball when needed and to keep them away from our box

It’s our plan, who we play against We know what they have in their record We know they have pace, quality, they can score from midfield

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