The allies of M Corbyn stepped up their pressure on M Starming in order to reinstate the former Labor leader

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Lawyers for former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn have written to Labor leaders demanding he be reinstated as party MP

The letter reportedly criticized the procedural handling of Mr. Corbyn and the lack of a specific deadline during the suspension

Yesterday, the Labor Civil War following Keir Starmer’s decision to bar Mr. Corbyn to sit as a Labor MP despite his readmission as a party member continued to expand

Last night, The Guardian reported that Mr. Corbyn had been told of the Labor whip’s suspension for at least three months

M’s allies Corbyn stepped up their pressure on M Starming in order to reinstate the former Labor leader

Left-wing faction members of the National Labor Executive Committee said they expected the whip to be sacked following a decision by an NEC panel on Tuesday

They claimed that M Starmer was guilty of the exact kind of political intervention that had been criticized by the EHRC

“The decision taken the next day by the leader to retain MP Jeremy Corbyn’s whip is an act of deliberate political interference in the handling of a complaint,” reads letter to Secretary General David Evans

“This flies in the face of the NEC panel decision, it is a double jeopardy issue that flies in the face of natural justice, it undermines the rules and this is precisely the type of ‘action deemed illegal by the Equalities and report of the Human Rights Commission [EHRC] “

On Thursday, Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds said a “politicized” disciplinary process had resulted in the readmission of Mr. Corbyn to the party after his suspension – imposed following a damning report on handling anti-Semitism in the workplace – was lifted on Tuesday

The Labor leader said on Wednesday morning that he would not reinstate the whip, which means Mr. Corbyn will continue to sit as an independent MP and will not be part of the Parliamentary Labor Party (PLP)

Former shadowy Home Secretary Diane Abbott, ally of Mr. Corbyn, wondered if Sir Keir would ever have been elected leader if MPs knew how he would act against his predecessor

She said that excluding M Corbyn was ‘wrong’ and that Sir Keir’s actions were ‘no way to unite the party’

But prominent Jewish Labor MP Dame Margaret Hodge has suggested she would have quit the party if Mr. Corbyn had been readmitted to the PLP and Sir Keir’s actions “went a long way in restoring his credibility”

Yesterday Dame Margaret told the BBC’s Today program: “It was completely wrong of the party to let Corbyn come back as part of a process which has, once again, been revealed to be broken and politically corrupt, and I think Keir was absolutely right Starmer to deny Jeremy Corbyn the whip “

M Corbyn was reinstated as a Labor member by the National Executive Committee following a disciplinary committee meeting, three weeks after being suspended for his response to a scathing report from the Equality and Rights Commission of man (ECHR)

The equality watchdog has ordered Labor to put in place an independent process to deal with issues of anti-Semitism, rather than the system that handled M’s case Corbyn

Ms Dodds said today was “a matter of regret”, adding: “We have to fix this system, it cannot remain as a politicized system”

When asked if there might be a way to readmit Mr. Corbyn at PLP, she said that M Starmer had promised to keep the post “under review”

Ms Abbott was one of more than 30 MPs and peers from the left-wing Socialist campaign group who called on Mr Corbyn to reinstate the whip

The group said: “The decision not to return the whip to Jeremy Corbyn is wrong and damaging for the Labor Party”

Len McCluskey, general secretary of Unite – Labor’s largest donor – said the refusal to return the whip to Mr. Corbyn was ‘vindictive and vengeful’ as he urged Sir Keir to ‘step back from the chasm’

He accused Sir Keir of acting in “bad faith” and reports suggested that allies of Mr. Corbyn believed that an agreement had been reached with this successor’s office to restore his position in the party – a claim rejected by leaders

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