Virimi Vakatawa scored the only try of the match as an incredibly powerful French side ended Scotland’s five-game winning streak in Murrayfield

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So there you have it – Hogg’s insistence that Scotland were the better team for 75 minutes certainly falls short – but at the same time, the fact that they ended up losing n It wasn’t because they were playing poorly France didn’t let them play The Blues display an increasingly powerful mix of forward power and traditional flair with defensive discipline instilled by Edwards The Nations Cup final of autumn between England and France should be fun to watch

Regarding the release of French players in their clubs, rather than playing for France against Italy next week, Shaun Edwards responds diplomatically: “I will only focus on finding the team. I got together, and I’ll let the powers take care of this ??

Jill Douglas tells Shaun Edwards, France’s defense coach, that they are mature today: “I totally agree with that,” he replies â ?? ?? I just said that to our backs in there I thought it was a very mature performance against a very good Scottish side Throughout the game I thought the game was uncertain we were quite resilient we did some adjustments to our defense this week, and credit goes to Fabien Galthié because that was his idea, and it certainly worked [it was about] the patience in the kicking battle – people don’t realize home how wet the ball was, how insanely slippery it was over there We had a little bit of magic from a scrum, it was a wonderful try wasn’t it? It was a joy to seeâ ????

Scotland head coach Gregor Townsend speaks to Amazon: “ It was a bit of a standoff, we never got ahead of the scoreboard, often we came back to the first half tactically, we were very good, but the second half after scoring this try, we were againstâ ????

– Around the penalty tally you can get so much of one penalty, one field position or three points, and they certainly did today, they kicked all their goals

– Players are down I told them you learn in defeat The effort was exceptional the character to come back and create an opportunity it was a credit to the playersâ ????

Scottish Captain Stuart Hogg speaks: â ???? For 75 minutes we were probably the best team we slipped for 30 seconds [after half time] and they scored a try so it’s frustrating but we didn’t turn the garbage overnight We will be back to the drawing board

On the end of the failed corner kick: “I made a mistake, I’m going to take it on the chin, I’m old enough and ugly enough to know it, I don’t know No need for people to tell me

â ???? We talked about being patient and supporting our kicking game we got ourselves in good positions we will get back on the horse and start againâ ????

On France’s test by Vakatawa, Barclay adds: “They defended the player, not the game It was about Dupont’s reputation.

John Barclay speaks: “Scotland couldn’t do anything today there was no continuity, they couldn’t create anything, there was no spike in their game and that’s unusual for a Gregor Townsend team ????

Habana: Scotland’s execution and their decision-making weren’t there They struggled to get there When they had opportunities it was embodied by that kick from Hogg to the end Their accuracy was not good enoughâ ????

Today’s Man of the Match, Vakatawa, talks to Amazon Prime, and is asked if he’s happy with the result: – Absolutely, we’re so happy with today’s win, we have worked so hard the last few weeks and we are so happy to get the win it’s a good feeling

– We know it’s going to be tough to come here, we stuck to our game plan and we managed to score the try It was a team effortâ €?

ð ???? ´ó ?? §Ó ?? ¢ ó ?? ³ó ?? £ ó ?? ´ó ?? ¿Ð ???? “Ð ???? Ð ????? ?no?????? ! re?????? The #XVdeFrance wins today at Murrayfield for the first time since 2014 and takes its first victory on the field in this @autumnnations 2020! ð ???? ¥ #ECOFRA #NeFaisonsXV picTwittercom / ozasSIL3L2

It’s life for Scotland, it’s over They seemed to have won one last chance with that extra time penalty Hogg tried to hit him for the corner, but he slightly overcooked it and missed the contact France happily threw the ball and that will be it It was a thrilling game, a bit short on rugby indeed, with a lot of kicks and a lot of penalties But there was some high quality stuff exposed France seems almost guaranteed to progress, as their last group game is at home against Italy next Saturday So it should be England against France in the final in a few weeks, unless something exceptional happens produce

80 min 2: Scotland attacks their half Hogg makes a loud explosion He is tackled and Scotland gets a penalty Hogg chooses to kick for the corner but misses it! It’s finish!

79 min: Scotland have the ball in France’s half and are looking for the converted score that would ensure at least a draw They advance slowly with strong ranges, but are then penalized for crossing – and France can clear over the seconds But now Scotland has a melee! Just when it looked like France was about to shut it down

77 min: Ritchie gives another penalty for not rolling Ramos tries to hit him from 54 meters It falls short

75 min: Fickou tries to direct a good kick from Stuart Hogg safely into the corner He is pushed from the back by Duhan Van der Merwe and into touch, and it seems a clear penalty, but Barnes gives roster in Scotland In the resulting phase of play Scotland are penalized for a push to the face of Jamie Ritchie Meanwhile, France still leads by seven points, and we’re in the final five minutes, so Scotland need to find some something from somewhere

72 min: French No.8 Alldritt makes contact in the Scottish half and is absolutely slammed in a huge pound hit by George Turner who has just entered Scotland, in turn, celebrates that big tackle and then they win a penalty in the resulting scrum

70 min: Scotland have a scrum He collapses, and France wins the penalty They celebrate with passion as a result Gregor Townsend looks increasingly worried in the stands Bhatti, who has just entered , was penalized by Barnes there – Let’s face it, nobody knows anything about the fray, – I think the Amazon co-commenter just said

68 min: George Turner, Jamie Bhatti and Sam Skinner have all left for Scotland now

Peter Webster: – Don’t write the Irish anthem Not the call of sterilized and politically correct Ireland but Amhrán na bhFiann – especially relevant given the events in Croke Park 100 years agoâ ????

I’m Irish and I love neither Amhrán na bhFiann nor the laughable call of Ireland The two hymns that make my blood pump are French and Russian, preferably performed by the Red Army choirâ ????

ð ???? ¥ ð ?????? ð ???? ª ð ???? £ ð ???? ¢ ð ???? ªð ?????? ð ??? ? ¥ @ vvakatawa pushes his way down the line to score Edinburgh’s first try Watch the final 30 minutes LIVE on #PrimeVideo NOW #SCOvFRA picTwittercom / BIBO5vmzUd

Ramos hits another great kick, pulling the ball inside the right post at an angle, and it’s a seven-point game with Galthié’s side starting to flex their muscles more and more

60 min: It’s safe to say Scotland seem more and more stretched The French peloton starts to beat their opponents, quite legally, and that creates space for the back line Stuart Hogg pulls a superb tear after France almost crossed the line in the left corner But it is taken again for another penalty to the Blues

56 min: Mohamed Haouas, who was kicked out here in March, now enters France then scolds a several-meter maul in the Scottish half Power in the French pack seems to be starting to say Vakatawa makes a dart for the line, letting a few options pass outside of him, and he’s tackled very well by Weir Next, Fickou has attempted a kick, but like Vakatawa, he’s pushed back, and Jalibert then throws a cross kick that he thinks is a free kick. – but Barnes had called the advantage on

53 min: Scotland tries to break through in midfield France holds firm Cyril Baille and Julien Marchand leave for France Chat goes with Gros France has a place in the fray halfway in central position and Marchand immediately made the impression of having come to the front row

52 min: France have a line-up in a convenient location, in the Scottish half, but they are passed by Chat and Scotland come back down the field with a fluid attack But then the ball is struck by Scottish hands and it will be a discount for France in its half of the field, only 22

50 min: An email from David Rea, titled â ???? Best National Anthemune ???? It’s a fair call:

48 min: Vakatawa now appears on the right wing for France and cuts a smart little kick into the field, where Matt Fagerson is on hand to put it away

And Scotland responds immediately after France is penalized again for offside Four points – five out of five penalties for Weir

And that’s a little space for France outside of the structured stopped ball, the scrum, and Vakatawa is finished with the posts Rattez is the man to pass him with his left hand, after Rattez has was released in turn by Fickou with a nice unloading in the midfield Hogg almost pulls a miracle tackle to stop Vakatawa, but the outside center turns his body as he is downcast and touches the ground Beau rugby de France

During the half-time analysis, some surprise was expressed that France chose to kick this last first-half penalty to touch him rather than take all three But I don’t agree – France even passed the test line and was not fortunate enough not to have tried

Was it good? The 40 minutes seem to go by, although there have been plenty of penalties After a worrying start from the visitors Scotland got a foothold in the game, and we were all square at halftime Some may think Wayne Barnes is a little happy, but you can’t deny that he explains all of his decisions eloquently and is fair and consistent with both teams. Back in a few minutes for what could be a second half of the belt

40 min 1: France well in the lead in the scrum They win a penalty in the scrum then have a free attack with the advantage played by referee Barnes He is brought in for the penalty, France kicks foot for the corner on instructions from Galthié, and will try to repel a maul at the end of this first half It takes about four men to bring down Camille Chat as he tries to hit himself in the corner after the lineout then France sets off again, they cross the test line, but Barnes says it’s holding up! Not try

40 mins: The cat makes contact with Jonny Gray in the Scottish half He puts his right arm to prepare for the contact Wayne Barnes watches several reruns after being alerted to the incident by the TMO and decides that all is well The cat looks a little worried as he awaits his fate – but all is well Scrum for France for a knock-on

Another nice kick from Weir after another offense from France (offside this time) and once again we are tied The goal kicks have been flawless from both teams, it there has been excellent continuity from both Scotland and France it’s a stop-start affair but I wouldn’t call it scrappy Now a potential criminal play by Camille Chat is under consideration

35mins: France pushes Scotland back into the scrum, but then their No 8 Alldritt fails to control him at the base, and the ball shoots out to the scrum side, where Scotland manages to claim it on the ground A touch of luck for the hosts after this initial Kinghorn error

33 min: We have now had two scrimmages in the span of three minutes, the first coming from a shock after the Scotland restart Scotland leaps to the left, but France manages to knock it down with a strong Kinghorn counter-rucking has a chance to kick, but sends a booming effort too long, in touch at the French end, and the Blues will have an offensive scrum as a result

Scotland v France

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