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The Rays decided Charlie Freaking Morton was not worth $ 15 million and I’m heartbroken

I guess they bet they could make him shave a few million dollars off his asking price because he lives in the area And I guess he thought for the $ 2, 4, or 6 million more dollars he could get from the Braves, he might have a helicopter waiting to take him home

There will be other articles that will rationally say if, at 37, he will still be an impact starter There will be other chances this offseason to see if the Rays can bring more pitchers who can fill the innings that he could have pitched There will be opportunities to toast the Rays’ ability to stay competitive in a tough market and tough division

But that’s not one of those posts Here’s the post for today: I hate having to call on talented players who bring heart and character to the team, because we can find someone. ‘one who can wage a similar war for less money

But here’s the other message from today: It’s great to have Charlie Freaking Morton on this team Here’s why:

During his time with the Rays, he struck out 109 batters per nine innings. His FIP was 292

Even in 2020, a season where he fought back from injury, he had a run like this:

I don’t even believe in the clutch! I understand that the clutch isn’t really a thing and yet I STILL believe Charlie Morton was

When the Rays needed a standing start in a must-see 2020 ALCS game, they handed the ball over to Charlie Morton, who delivered just under six innings (you know, the quick hook) 2 moves to place the Rays a position to win the pennant

But wait, Cash shot him in the fifth inning? When he pitched so well? I bet he was pissed!

No, because Charlie Freaking Morton is thoughtful and mature and a great team player. Here he discusses this game and his reaction when Cash came to release it:

Morton gives thoughtful answers to all interview questions. He appears to be an excellent teammate; listen to any interview with a young Rays pitcher and at one point he’ll credit Charlie Morton for helping him on and off the field In baseball we talk about “good clubhouse guys” Well, Morton seems to embody that role and if we needed an image to bring that point home, here it is sweeping up after a celebration of the Rays win:

We never really know the guys we see wearing our local team uniforms every day, but we learn something about their character Morton always seemed to love one of those few people who are extremely confident and concentrated, but at the same time humble and down to earth

My apologies if my use of the past to describe his pitch seems a bit macabre

I’m crying Charlie Morton of the Rays but of course Charlie Morton is alive and well He was one of the best players in the Rays and represented all that was good and fun about this team

Losing it for more than a few million dollars? It will hurt for a long time

Charlie Morton

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Source: https://www.draysbay.com/2020/11/24/21612678/goodbye-charlie-morton