The latest Google Doodle feature celebrates the musical genre of mariachi In homage to the anniversary of the week that UNESCO inscribed mariachi on its Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity The genre regional Mexican music dates back to the 18th century

Singing “Cielito Lindo” which is a song that embodies Mexican pride, the doodle features a group of mariachi members

Together they sing the following lyrics ”De la Sierra Morena / cielito lindo, vienen bajando / Un par de ojitos negros / cielito lindo, de contrabando / Ay, ay, ay, ay / Canta y no llores / Porque cantando se alegran / cielito lindo, los corazones “

The lyrics translate to “From the Sierra Morena / Lovely sweet one, is carancing down / A pair of little black eyes / Lovely sweet one, is furtive by / Ay, ay, ay, ay / Chante, ne pleure pas / Because singing makes people happy / Beautiful sweet, our hearts “

Picking up guitar, vihuela and violin, other members use trumpet and harp According to Newsweek, “The mariachi tradition originated in west-central Mexico at the turn of the 19th century, although its origins were exact be obscure The musical genre began as fully instrumental, consisting of string instrument sounds, before vocals and trumpet were eventually added.”

“The Google doodle for today is a tribute to the mariachi & it’s a little video that plays cielito lindo I’m not doing well, cielito lindo is my favorite mariachi song, it’s so cute”, a another commented while another user wrote “I was so shocked when I clicked on it last night What a wonderful surprise”

Softly the doodle seemed to really hit home for so many “Today Google Doodle almost made me cry” said one very happy user “It was so unexpected and made me miss the home for the first time since I moved “

When you think of successful Latin music artists, the name “Drake Bell” probably doesn’t come to mind In fact, the name “Drake Bell” probably doesn’t come to mind when you think to a musician – this man hasn’t been on the radar much since his Nickelodeon went off the air in 2007 But recently the former teen star made headlines for his unexpected career pivot

Fans were confused when Drake Bell posted a video to Instagram announcing his services on celebrity ‘scream’ app, Cameo on Saturday While the post was trite (find me on Cameo! Pay me for it! ‘money!), the content was what was surprising: Bell relayed the post in English and Spanish A deeper dive into Bell’s social media history quickly explained the confusing post

Soon after, he changed his profile name from “Drake Bell” to “Drake Campana” (understood?) It also features a Mexican flag next to his name

As of now, Bell has released a Spanish-English double album titled “Sesiones En Casa” with songs named “Fuego Lento” and “La Camisa Negra” According to statistics from Spotify, Bell’s strategy seems to be working Of the dozens of songs he released during the year, two of Bell’s five most played Spotify songs are in Spanish

Bell described his decision in a July interview with Esquire Mexico “I wanted to do something with Latin rhythms for my fans in Mexico,” he said “I wanted to do something like what I heard on my tours and visits in Mexico I love writing in Spanish , it’s a beautiful language “

He explained that his love for Mexican culture came from his childhood in Southern California, geographically close to the Mexican border. Growing up near Mexico made him ‘fall in love’ with the culture. He also posted a photo on Instagram of his own Mexican ID with a Mexican address, suggesting he made the country his new home

Earlier this year, Bell’s ex-girlfriend Jimi Ono took to TikTok to accuse the singer of abusing her while they were together from 2006 to 2009 Ono described the accusations in a disturbing TikTok video

It’s my truth I hope this message reaches young girls and that no one has to go through what I did # 2020survivor

“When I started dating Drake I was 16 I was homeschooled I moved in with him,” said Ono “It wasn’t until about a year ago that the verbal abuse has started, and when I say ‘verbal abuse’ imagine the worst type of verbal abuse you can imagine, and that’s what I got It then got physical – hitting, throwing, everything “

Bell has publicly denied the accusations, calling them a “misguided quest for more money or attention.” Other observers have noted that Bell began its rebranding about a year ago, while the Ono’s accusations were made public just a few months ago So, it looks like Bell’s decision to focus on his Mexican fans has been going on for some time.

It’s likely we’ll never know the real reasons for Bell’s decision to become a Latin artist, but it’s highly plausible that his sales simply improved in Mexico What if his rebranding was just a hit to get more attention, well… it works

A coronavirus vaccine may be on the way, but COVID-19 is still tearing families apart and ravaging communities At this point, the emotional toll the pandemic has caused people is up there along with the physical toll virus Recently, a particularly tragic story from Mexico made national headlines

Sergio Humberto Padilla Hernandez, a 28-year-old nurse, was in hospital, placed on a ventilator due to COVID-19 According to friends and family, he only had 90% of his lung function

Padilla Hernandez’s sister Dolores had already died of complications from COVID-19 in August, so the young nurse wanted to be prepared in case the worst happened

“The moment of truth has arrived”, said Padilla Hernandez to the camera “I will recover, God willing We will move forward, I will see you again, friends, family I know you will pray for me and my health, for my well-being Whatever happens you will always be looking for my best interests, always I love you and you are in my heart “

A few hours after filming the video, Padilla Hernandez passed away He left behind his wife, Denise, and young son, Sergio III His family is devastated

“First and foremost, Sergio was a loving father to his son, Sergio III and a loving husband,” says the GoFundMe page “Sergio lived his life to the fullest He was a devout Catholic and had a passion for helping the others Sergio was a dedicated nurse at the municipal hospital in Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua, Mexico “

The post then described how Padilla Hernandez “worked tirelessly” to help others during the pandemic, which had “hit her home state, Chihuahua particularly hard.”

“Unfortunately her family received very little financial assistance,” wrote the cousins ​​of Padilla Hernandez “Having lost their second child in the last 4 months due to covid -19, our aunt and our uncle are currently facing unimaginable hardships… They put the family car up for sale and sold almost all of the valuable goods that preceded Sergio’s death “

According to the GoFundMe page, Padilla Hernandez’s family is crippled by persistent hospital bills from two hospitalized family members, funeral expenses and general living expenses

Although the virus is primarily fatal for people with pre-existing illnesses, from time to time stories like this circulate that challenge our knowledge of COVID-19

This story is also tragic because, like many people severely affected by COVID-19, Padilla Hernandez has not been able to say goodbye to her family in person Due to the contagious nature of the virus, he has been forced to say his final goodbye thanks to technology

Ultimately, we hope that Padilla Hernandez’s family gets the closure and support they need from her community and generous strangers around the world Now is the time to come together and support each other each other

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