QUINCY, IL (WGEM) – As of Friday, November 20, further statewide COVID-19 mitigation begins in the state of Illinois

If you plan to go to the grocery store, you may have to queue Grocery stores and pharmacies can only operate at a maximum capacity of 50%

Also, if you plan on doing Christmas shopping, retail stores and big box stores will have an added impact

These stores can only operate at a maximum capacity of 25%, including general merchandise stores and stores offering groceries and pharmacies, as well as convenience products

Restaurants and bars will see a difference in opening time Owners can stay open for alfresco dining, pickup and delivery, but opening hours are shorter

All bars and restaurants close at 11 am and can reopen no earlier than 6 am the next day

“I have family who own restaurants here in town and they are hung up by a fingernail right now, just deciding what they can and cannot do and how they can do it,” said Shelton

Also as part of level 3 mitigation, home gatherings are only meant to include household members and you cannot meet at banquet centers, private party rooms, or party clubs. Hobbies

Residents have expressed concern over the recommendation to only see their immediate family members, especially on Thanksgiving Thursday

“I think we need to be aware that our first responders and friends who work in the health sector and our family who work in the health sector would also like to have the opportunity to spend time with their families during the holidays We really have to work together to get this under control, ”said Heather Keller-Giltner of Quincy

From now on, casinos, gaming halls should close, as well as banquet halls, cultural centers and indoor sports and fitness activities

The IDPH will continue to monitor positivity rates and hospital capacity measurements in regions over a 14-day monitoring period to determine if attenuations can be relaxed, if additional mitigations are needed, or if measurements are needed. current mitigation must remain in place

For a region to revert to Level 2 mitigation measures, a region must have a test positivity rate of less than 12% for three consecutive days AND greater than 20% availability in an intensive care unit (ICU ) and hospital beds AND declining COVID hospitalizations in 7 of the last 10 days

For more information on business tips and frequently asked questions (FAQs), please see the FAQs on the DCEO website

The rain will start to develop this weekend, it should not be a washout, each new data set shows less and less rain over the region So you should be able to…

Level 3 Mitigation in Illinois

Global News – United States – Level 3 COVID-19 Mitigation Begins Today

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