Jim Harbaugh came to Piscataway four years ago and rubbed Rutgers face in the dirt The guy had the audacity to call for a two-point conversion in a game Michigan won 78-0 It was completely ridiculous, the kind of thing you pay back in spades when the time comes

That moment came on Saturday, when Harbaugh staggered to the banks with his crumbling agenda – and Rutgers let him get away with one of the most confusing decisions you’ll ever see

With the ball at Michigan 25 in overtime and his all-cylinder offense, Rutgers made two conservative plays and then dropped two yards on a kneeling quarter – an attempt to cross the ball for Valentino’s game. Ambrosio- goal-winning attempt The 45-yarder hung just left, and Michigan won 48-42 two overtime later

“Both games, we weren’t going to be too aggressive, but they were games that we thought could gain traction, and they did,” said Rutgers coach Greg Schiano “There was, I guess, a third and a sixth We just said let’s center it This is where Val wanted it, in the middle You know what? Sometimes you do them, sometimes you don’t I really thought it was in her lineup It just wasn’t tonight “

It’s not the kicker’s fault A 45-meter is a risky proposition at the college level and Valentino – a walk-on from the football team that got the starting position last week – has barely been tested Yet Rutgers coaches maneuvered as if they were sending Adam Vinatieri over there

Meanwhile, Harbaugh netted the fourth goal in triple overtime and the Wolverines scored the winning touchdown The sport’s most criticized and scrutinized coach may have changed quarterbacks, rallied his team to ‘a 17-0 deficit and avoided the knockout because his counterparts on the other side refused to deliver it

“It reminds me of some of the biggest comeback wins I’ve been to,” Harbaugh said afterwards “Both teams played with a lot of heart and played really well”

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That’s right Rutgers quarterback Noah Vedral has rebounded dramatically after recent struggles The Scarlet Knights’ level of effort was through the roof Offensive coordinator Sean Gleeson pushed all the right buttons until the chinstrap is within reach

“They did a great job – great job coaching, great job building the roster,” said Harbaugh “The call of the game was really creative Good fundamental team in all areas So very, very impressed”

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He should be The Scarlet Knights were his rag doll Now they’re just as good as Michigan

They only needed a few more yards on Saturday to get the best reward They took a knee instead

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